Kedarnath Helicopter Ticket From Delhi.

Kedarnath Yatra Helicopter Ticket from Delhi Cost 10,000/- Per Person 2024

The Kedarnath Helipad Yatra Tour Guide
Kedarnath Dham, located in Uttarakhand's Rudraprayag area, is well-known for its Shiv Jyotirlinga. Every year, millions of devotees travel to the Garhwal Himalayas to worship to Lord Shiva and ask for blessings. Kedarnath is a terrific destination to explore if you're planning a spiritual adventure with your family or an exciting and religious trip to the Himalayas with pals.

Being 3,500 meters above sea level, Kedarnath Temple is difficult for tourists and travelers to reach, making the trip there difficult. For trips to the holy location that are both secure and comfortable, a variety of transportation options are offered. The sacred shrine of Lord Shiva can be reached by horseback riding, trekking, Palki, or helicopter services. The modern alternative to the laborious and time-consuming traditional trekking method is to use helicopter services to make the trip to Kedarnath Dham as convenient as possible.
With so much information on what to see and do in Kedarnath, our Helicopter travel booking guide is a great resource for those looking for the perfect vacation experience. We also provide a range of religious vacation packages and guides that provide a unique experience.

The Kedarnath Temple will open on May 10, 2024.
Why Select Kedarnath Yatra Helicopter Services?

Travelers can escape a tiresome journey by using helicopter services, which offer a handy and time-saving option. Pilgrims will be able to offer prayers and ask Lord Shiva for blessings in a quick and easy way with the comfortable transports from the base point to the sacred point. For those with physical or health concerns, climbing the high slopes and trekking through the Rocky Mountains may be difficult. For these travelers, the Helicopter Yatra to Shri Kedarnath Dham will be a more pleasant option.

A bird's eye perspective of the snow-covered valleys and mountains can be had from the helicopter rides. Flying above the Himalayan mountains and taking in the breathtaking views of the Garhwal villages will provide visitors with an exhilarating experience.

How Can I Register and Book Online for the Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter?

Kedarnath Helicopter flights can be reserved through premium trip packages or through the government. The only official government website where you may reserve helicopter transportation from Phata, Sirsi, and Guptkashi to Kedarnath is IRCTC. Depending on their needs, people can also decide to have a luxurious vacation from the designated spot. For visitors to Kedarnath Dham, a number of private heli operators offer chartered heli services. The Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board's website,, is where travelers must register. Reservations for helicopter services must be made through the website.

Using online portals to book Heliservices for a hassle-free journey to Kedarnath Ji Dham would be a simple and straightforward approach. When making a reservation for travel to Kedarnath, individuals can use the IRCTC website and select the Helicopter online ticket booking service. They will need to provide all the appropriate information and upload the required papers. Also, pilgrims have the option to select private websites. Because the climate varies with altitude, travelers should consider the weather reports while choosing the day and time of their trip.

Procedure for Registering a Helicopter in Kedarnath

Choose the package that best fits the customer's needs and financial constraints.
Please ensure that all personal information, including name, gender, age, address, and contact details, is entered accurately.
Choose the day and duration of the helicopter flight based on what the client wants.
Pay the appropriate amount according to the package you selected for the helicopter ride.
Customers will receive a confirmation email or verification message with the traveler's details after completing the registration and payment process.
The client must bring their Heli Yatra ticket and show up at the chosen helipad at the appointed time on the day of the trip. The center will not accept digital copies.
Travelers should be aware that there may be a considerable demand for helicopter tours of the Kedarnath Yatra, particularly during the busiest times of the year. Additionally, individuals with medical conditions may need to reserve helicopter tours in advance. As the helicopter service provider will need certain documents, like identification evidence and a medical certificate, make sure you have all the paperwork you need on hand to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Note: Bookings for helicopters in Kedarnath are still pending. Soon, the booking procedure will begin.

How Much Could a Kedarnath Yatra Helicopter Ride Cost?

Helicopter rides at the Kedarnath Yatra in 2024 would cost different amounts based on a number of packages. The packages are made to accommodate the various traveler needs and budgets. The cost of an IRCTC helicopter flight might vary from INR 7000 to 10000 for a round journey, or from INR 3000 to 5000 for a single trip. The package will include a helicopter flight, VIP puja and darshan facilities, and other amenities like lodging and transportation depending on the package chosen. The cost per trip may increase during the busiest times of the year.

The price of a luxury or VIP helicopter flight can range from 25000 to 190000 INR, depending on the package type chosen. Some packages may also include visits to the Himalayan Char Dhams or Do Dhams. There will be helipads in Dehradun, Augustami, Haridwar, and other places.
Helipads and Fees for the Kedarnath Route & Operational Authorized Companies: One-way Helipad Charges from Authorized CompaniesFees (Formal Trip)

The following are the prices for
Sirsi Helipad in Kedarnath: INR 2749–INR 5498;
Phata Helipad in Kedarnath: INR 2750–INR 5500;
Guptkashi Helipad in Kedarnath: INR 3870–INR 7740;
Global Vectra,
Thumby Aviation,
Krystal Aviation,
Arrow Aviation.

*Note: Depending on any modifications or new regulations, the costs of helicopter services may change.

How Long Would It Take to Take a Helicopter to Kedarnath Chardham Yatra?

The customers' package pick will determine how long the helicopter ride services last. The amount of time can be anywhere from ten to fifty minutes. For those who simply wish to see the Kedarnath Dham and leave the same day, the shorter time is available. The lengthier rides will stop at additional holy sites like Yamunotri, Gangotri, and Badrinath.

Safety Procedures Used by Helicopter Service Companies

Helicopter travel is a safe and secure mode of transportation since helicopter service companies abide by all government rules and regulations.

Appropriate information regarding the cost and time is given at the time of registration and booking to prevent problems later.

For improved travel, the service providers install state-of-the-art, well-maintained helicopters equipped with cutting-edge technology like GPS, altitude sensors, speed sensors, and weather radars.

The helicopter pilots have received extensive professional training and experience to enable them to fly in the steep terrain.

Helicopters are furnished with necessary supplies for the journey as well as emergency medical kits.

Some Advice for a Comfortable and Safe Helicopter Ride to Kedarnath
Throughout the journey, adhere to the guidelines and directions provided by the helicopter operators.
Trash should not be thrown since it could detract from the area's natural attractiveness.
Be mindful of the regional norms and culture.
It is advisable to bring enough cash because there aren't many ATMs in the areas with higher altitudes.
Eat something light before the trip because the helicopter ride can be bumpy.
Because the helicopter cabins are small, it is recommended that you bring modest backpacks.

As soon as you start to feel anxious or uncomfortable, let the pilot know.
Travelers and pilgrims will find the Kedarnath Helicopter Yatra to be a fascinating and unique experience as they get to soar over the Himalayan mountains and take in the expansive vistas of the mountainous areas. I hope you enjoyed reading the travel guide on helicopters so you could make the right travel plans.


What is the capacity of the Kedarnath helicopter for seats?
The Kedarnath helicopter's maximum seating capacity varies depending on the company. Helicopters with six or eight seats typically operate here at Kedarnath.

How secure are the helicopter services in Kedarnath?
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority (UCADA) keep a close eye on helicopter operations at Kedarnath. Every business providing Kedarnath helicopter services in this area is required to abide by all regulations established for businesses engaged in civil aviation. Thus, you have nothing to be concerned about. The Helicopter Services in Kedarnath are totally secure.

Is there a refund for the Kedarnath helicopter ticket price?
Indeed, it is refundable. You can review the Kedarnath helicopter service refund policy in the area above.

How long does the Kedarnath Helicopter Services helicopter trip last?
At the takeoff site, the helicopter ride's duration varies. The entire process, including boarding and deboarding, takes between ten and fifteen minutes. The Guptkashi helipad will offer the longest helicopter flight, while the Sersi helipad will offer the shortest.

When will the last helicopter operating out of Kedarnath be operating?
Kedarnath Helicopter Services' latest flight departs at 6:00 PM, while the first flight departs at 6:00 AM. Plan your travel and accommodations accordingly.

How far is the helipad from the Kedarnath temple?
The Kedarnath temple and helipad are located extremely near to each other. The distance between it and the temple is only 500 meters.

Can we reserve a single helicopter per side for Kedarnath?
No, one side cannot reserve a helicopter for Kedarnath. You must reserve helicopters on both sides.

What is the price of a child's ticket for the Kedarnath helicopter services?
There are just two price spots available. Youngsters under the age of two are free of charge and excluded from this policy, while those over the age of two will be charged adult rates.

What happens if the helicopter service in Kedarnath is cancelled?
Helicopter tickets are frequently canceled because to weather-related cancellations and technical issues. The full price that you paid for your Kedarnath helicopter ticket will be returned to your account in the event that your flight is canceled. When returning the money, a convenience fee and GST will be deducted.

When may children ride in a helicopter?
At Kedarnath, there is no upper or lower age restriction for helicopter rides. All infants under two years old are admitted free of charge. The total cost of the ride must be paid by everyone else.

Are you weighed before to the helicopter ride?
Yes, prior to the helicopter flight to the Kedarnath temple, each passenger will be weighed. Everybody weighing more than 80 kg must pay INR 150 per kg. Each passenger's weight will be determined separately; it won't be combined with anyone else's.

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